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2006 May 08 — Why Now?
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No Big Deal?

The President of Iran, Mahmoud Amadinejad, sends a long letter to the President of the United States, breaking 27 years of silence between the two governments and the price of crude drops about $1.50 a barrel before anyone knows what’s in the letter, but Shrubbery and Company dismiss the letter, apparently because it isn’t an unconditional surrender.

So now, Iran looks like a responsible country trying to resolve a dispute through diplomatic means and the US is a rude bully. That’s how it is going to look to the rest of the world and the US can kiss the UN resolution good-bye.

I doubt there was anything worthwhile in the letter, but after 27 years you don’t reject a diplomatic opening out of hand. Refusal to talk to other countries does not work.

The other problem is that Brazil has just officially started its first uranium enrichment facility, and Iran will use that to highlight the difference in treatment. Brazil has had atomic weapons aspirations in the past, and the Brazilian Navy helped to construct the new facility. Brazil has also limited the access of IAEA inspectors, without being hauled before the Security Council to face possible sanctions.

I view the current leaders of Iran as dangerous zealots who oppress their people, but the Shrubbery is making them appear reasonable by comparison to the US government.

BTW, nice play by “Darth” Cheney. The Russians might have been convinced to abstain on the Iran vote, but Cheney has pretty much guaranteed a veto to any resolution the US wants. Smooth, really smooth.

Update: Here’s an English translation of Amadinejad’s letter. The French newspaper Le Monde provided the translation because apparently no one in the US media took the trouble, or had the resources to do it.

May 8, 2006   16 Comments

This Is Just Wrong

FrownWhen I read this BBC article, Wal-Mart seeks smiley face rights, I had a hard time believing it was true. It has been sloshing around in the US public domain for decades; you can’t just claim it belongs to you when everyone knows you didn’t create it.

The arrogance of some knows no bounds.

May 8, 2006   4 Comments

A Bit Of A Problem

A great catch from The Sailor at Vidiot Speak via skippy: The National Security Act of 1947 states that only one of the three top officials at the Central Intelligence Agency may be either an active duty or retired military officer.

The current number two at the agency is Vice Admiral Albert M. Calland, III, an active duty Naval officer.

The applicable portion of the act is incorporated as Title 50, Section 403 of the United States Code.

Oh, Steve Gilliard has a piece on the Hayden connection to Wade of MZM, one of the people connected to the “Duke” Cunningham scandal, and Cruella de Harris’s campaign contribution problem.

The CIA’s number one, Goss, left Friday. Number three, Dusty Foggo, left today. If he wants Hayden, the Shrubbery has to fire number two, Admiral Calland.

May 8, 2006   10 Comments