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2006 May 17 — Why Now?
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RIAA At It Again

CNet reports: Labels sue XM over music-storing ‘mothership’

XM said the Inno, which is manufactured by Pioneer, is a legal device that enables consumers to listen to and record radio, just as the law has allowed for decades.

While the labels are asserting that the device has transformed radio broadcasts into a download service, XM said the device does not allow consumers to transfer recorded content. XM also said content recorded from radio broadcasts like XM’s is not on demand, in contrast to the content people buy from online music stores like Apple’s popular iTunes service.

The Inno allows you to record the song that is playing on XM satellite radio and to play it later. It is stored on the device and royalties are paid when the songs are played over the radio.

Greed, plain and simple. They view their customers as criminals.

May 17, 2006   4 Comments


A married couple of some renown is separating, but that is no reason to either report on it or to pollute the world with bad puns of Beatle song titles.

It might shock the media to find out, but they are correspondents in many of these failed marriages.

May 17, 2006   4 Comments

On A Lighter Note

Via TBogg we are reminded of the burgeoning sentience of machines: Heroic Computer Dies To Save World From Master’s Thesis.

May 17, 2006   Comments Off on On A Lighter Note

Part-time Government

Laura Rozen has discovered that Congress only plans to work 97 days this year.

I guess that’s why they can’t do any oversight, it would interfere with their four day weekend when they are in session. I think it’s time to look at their compensation package, including health care and retirement.

May 17, 2006   9 Comments

A Rare Movie Review

I don’t go to theaters anymore because the “megaplex” has become more of a large living room with a big screen television than a real theater, and the popcorn isn’t real. I long for the days of my youth when the theater was huge and the ingredients in the popcorn bucket were butter, popcorn, butter, and salt with extra butter available on request.

When listening to the BBC coverage of the Cannes Film Festival last night I was intrigued by the coverage of Opie Taylor’s new film, The DaVinci Code. While unable to go into detail because of a non-disclosure agreement, Vincent Dowd felt the film “verges on the mediocre”, but didn’t quite make it.

Obviously our own entertainment reporter, Mustang Bobby, scanned the initial reviews in The DaVinci Hose and finds that the movie is panning out, not a good thing.

Caroline Briggs in her formal BBC review essentially says it has all of the vices and none of the virtues of the novel.

The consensus seems to be that the villains are the best part of the movie.

May 17, 2006   10 Comments