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2006 May 12 — Why Now?
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CNN QuickVote Poll:

Which man would you say was more honest as president?

The Big Dog 74%

The Shrubbery 26%

Update: Jane at FDL has the reason for the poll: Jonesing for Bubba.

May 12, 2006   6 Comments

You Know Its Illegal

NSA Seal

Admit it, until the Shrubbery you never heard about the National Security Agency. You didn’t know it was a military agency headquartered at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland. I know you probably don’t know who George G. Meade was, although you probably do know about the battle that he gained his fame in, and the guy who lost it. [Gettysburg & Lee, if you’re interested.] The only DirNSA [Director of the National Security Agency] most people have ever heard of is Admiral Bobby Inman, who became a commentator, although General William Odom has made a minor name by opposing the Shrubbery lately.

This is as things should be. As a military outfit, NSA wasn’t involved in anything in the US, and a major portion of its approximately 38,000 people was always stationed around the world at military bases.

Most of the coverage never connected the attack on the USS Liberty by the Israelis or the North Korean seizure of the USS Pueblo followed by the destruction of a US Navy EC-121 with NSA.

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May 12, 2006   3 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

Still Life

Friday Cat Blogging


[Editor: Ringo has picked up Sox’s sleeping habits and a few of his odd postures. Most female cats protect their stomach when they sleep.

Friday Ark

May 12, 2006   12 Comments