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2006 May 23 — Why Now?
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Going In Circles

The Postal Service spokesman in the “Global Con” piece mentioned “turning the corner” on fraud.

That reminded me of Kevin Hayden’s summary at American Street of all the corners we’ve turned in Iraq.

If we’re “staying the course”, why are we making all of these turns? Doesn’t that just take us back to where we started?

Not only do I not believe we are seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel”, I do not believe they know where the tunnel is. Too bad they won’t stop and ask for directions.

May 23, 2006   2 Comments


CBS reports: 565 Arrested In Mass-Marketing Fraud; and some of them were in the United States. Yes, sir, Abu Gonzo and the boys are cleaning up the Internets.

Those nasty liberals on NPR spread the news about Operation Global Con , but then they spoiled it by asking an expert on Internet scams about the effectiveness of the effort. Come on, you are not supposed to look at the guy behind the curtain.

As much as I appreciate that some of the ‘Net vermin have been taken off line, they aren’t even close to controlling anything. I just received 50 spam comments about ID theft, and another 50 on credit consolidation since 3PM. I’m refining my filters daily to stop this garbage.

I notify a half dozen companies a day about the “phishing” e-mails I receive. Not that it will do me any good, but folks, I don’t have a PayPal or eBay account and I don’t bank on-line, okay? You are wasting time and bandwidth sending me e-mails about the threats to accounts I don’t have.

May 23, 2006   Comments Off on AgitProp