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2006 May 11 — Why Now?
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NSA Data Mining And Why You Should Care

First of all, this is totally worthless for espionage cases. This is not about terrorists and never was, if you think it through. The companies involved are the big telcos, with the exception of Qwest, and they are the “wired” world.

Logically, does a terrorist move into an apartment and call the local telco to have a telephone line installed, or does s/he stop by Target and buy a pre-paid cell phone with cash? Does a terrorist call the local cable company to have broadband installed, or does s/he go to the local library or use free WiFi at a coffee shop?

Muslims believe that interest on money is immoral [a reasonable response to Capital One credit card offers] and don’t use the banking system the way a Westerner would. A lot of money is saved in the form of gold jewelry rather than savings accounts, CD, or bonds. They don’t leave the trail of financial records that Westerners do.

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May 11, 2006   2 Comments

Rumsfeld Owns You

Via Holden at First Draft, Rumsfeld is doing so well maintaining force strength that the Washington Post reports: Army Using Policy to Deny Reserve Officer Resignations.

That’s right, you go in and finish your contract, the whole 8 years, and they can still pull you back anytime they want: you can’t escape, they own you forever.

This is why I can’t recommend the military to anyone, ever again, unless the laws are changed to end these practices.

May 11, 2006   4 Comments

In Florida

Robert at Interstate 4 Jamming reports that JEB may have found a sacrifice for the Republican primary against Cruella de Harris, State Representative Dennis Ross.

Cruella and Ross are both from Polk County, so the boy should know better. He’s got until tomorrow to come up with $10K and file his paper work.

There has been almost no rain over on the peninsula this year, which has resulted in wild fires. Currently CBS reports: Falling Trees Shut I-95 In Florida. What has happened is that the fires have destroyed the root systems on many large trees and they are falling over onto the roadway. The road had been closed intermittently lately because of the smoke and there have been a number of fatal crashes.

Holden at First Draft has a piece on that odd Ann Coulter person.

She is an attorney, but she seems confused as to where she lives and should be voting. The end result of this screw up could be a felony conviction on voter fraud which would not only remove her from the Palm Beach County voters rolls, but cost her the right to vote in a large chunk of the nation and normally results in disbarment. She has ignored notification by the election board.

It would be neighborly if Rush called to explain to her that the Florida state’s attorneys don’t really have a sense of humor.

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