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The Letter — Why Now?
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The Letter

No, not the song by The Box Tops or the cover by Joe Cocker, the letter by Iranian President, Mahmoud Amadinejad, is finally being read by someone other than the government and the media.

James Wolcott calls his take on the letter, Stirring the Crackpot, and highlights many of the points that occurred to me, but his writing is far superior to mine, using a scalpel where I would wield an axe.

You really should read the letter and I’m converting it to straight text, rather than PDF, with American rather than British spelling.

In general the letter has a great deal in common with the recent performance by Stephen Colbert, covering many of the same points. Actually it read like something you would hear from the pulpit of an old-time, fire & brimstone Baptist church. Amadinejad has the pacing down and the requisite quotes from the Book.

Unfortunately, Amadinejad overestimates the historical knowledge of the Shrubbery and his cronies when he makes references to anything that occurred more than two weeks ago.


1 andante { 05.10.06 at 8:01 pm }

a great deal in common with the recent performance by Stephen Colbert, covering many of the same points

Great minds think alike. While watching the evening news last night and hearing some quotes, I told Mr. Andante they sounded a lot like truthiness to me.

2 oldwhitelady { 05.10.06 at 8:24 pm }

Wolcott certainly wrote a good article. He makes valid points.

3 Bryan { 05.10.06 at 10:19 pm }

The letter provides us with the view of the President of Iran on a number of issues and strikes directly at the Shrubbery’s claim to be a “good Christian”.

If you use the contents of the letter to fashion a response, you might get movement. Ignoring the letter insures that the stand off will continue.

I would haul in a Jesuit to help in the phrasing of a response, as well as a couple of Imams to provide the appropriate verses from the Quran.