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Just Another Photo Op

Everyone has probably seen the picture, Watertiger titles “Gidget Goes Gobi”, of the Shrubbery in a Border Patrol Chenowth Exodus sandrail¹ in violation of the Arizona seat belt law.

[Of course they need a custom-made vehicle from a company in Duncan Hunter’s [R-CA-52] district, don’t be silly]

He apparently has nothing better to do for his $400K/year.

1. A sandrail has a manufactured tubular frame, while a dune buggy uses a modified Volkswagen Beetle body. Get with it, Dude. [What some people think is important is a “puzzlement”.]


1 andante { 05.20.06 at 1:19 pm }

What? No ten-gallon hat? No militaristic uniform? No um, tight straps because the doofus forgot to remove them?

This looks more like the Dukakis Tank moment.

2 Bryan { 05.20.06 at 1:41 pm }

The worse part of the “tank” moment is that Dukakis was in the Army, stationed in Korea after the truce, and had actually been in a tank while in uniform, although he was not assigned as a tanker. The reason was he served with the truce commission on the DMZ and everyone was expected to fill a combat role if things turned bad.

The sandrails are great for movement, but what happens if you actually catch somebody? Where do you put them?