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More Propaganda

I’ll go further than Atrios in labeling Israel: Iran ‘months’ from making nukes the basest form of jingoistic garbage. Israel does itself no favors when Olmert spreads disinformation like this.

If I had access to the enriched uranium I could build a bomb in my workshop. If it was difficult the two minimum wage workers in Japan wouldn’t have been able to start the Tokaimura Criticality Accident with a couple of milk pails and a vat. [It was stopped with boric acid, normally used down here to kill roaches.]

The hard parts are not dying while you are building the bomb, controlling the conditions required to start the reaction, and getting the bomb where you want it.

The refining process takes time, because if you do it too quickly and don’t follow all of the steps, as happened in Japan, you will get an unintended chain reaction. This is a precision manufacturing process and it can’t be rushed. You need a highly educated work force with absolutely no suicidal tendencies to build nuclear weapons. One misstep and you lose your workforce, your facility, and your weapon in an instant.

Any fool can keep adding enriched uranium until a chain reaction starts. You can’t ask the Japanese workers about it, because they died of the radiation when they added one pail too many to the vat.