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Another “Prequel”

This is wrong, but predictable: ‘Da Vinci Code’ success sparks ‘Angels & Demons’ plans.

Dan Brown wrote a boring book named Angels & Demons that no one read before he wrote the slightly less bad book that everyone read. Since the film from the less bad book is making money, they decided to “follow the formula”.


1 Steve Bates { 05.25.06 at 6:35 pm }


Well, maybe. DVC had too much violence and, for a book and movie allegedly about the reintegration of the feminine with the masculine in religion, too little sex. Could Angels and Demons possibly reverse that aspect of the formula?

2 Bryan { 05.25.06 at 6:53 pm }

The novel supposedly introduces the Tom Hanks character as a religious researcher out to solve crimes, or something. Now if he a cat…

3 Steve Bates { 05.26.06 at 11:49 am }

Now if he a cat…

… or two cats
… and a hundred million dollar inheritance
… and lived in a converted octagonal barn 400 miles north of everywhere

Nah. You could never make any money on a story like that. 🙂

4 Bryan { 05.26.06 at 12:52 pm }

Well, not for more than 20 years, anyway.