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I’ve seen this around the neighborhood, so I’ll post the link.

From The News Hole, the blog of CountdownSHOCK: DRUDGE TAKES CLIP OUT OF CONTEXT! DEVELOPING…:

The audio clip Drudge used is out of context. Not included in his version is Hillary’s set up, which leads into her quoting from a well-known hymn by famed gospel composer Reverend James Cleveland.

The congregation immediately recognized the hymn and cheered her.

And she only affected that accent when citing that one refrain from the Cleveland hymn, a Baptist church standard.

The audio clip on Drudge is also somewhat altered – whether deliberately or because it is a dub – from the real-time version we have.

I’m not a fan of Mrs. Clinton, but nobody needs to put up with this kind of crap. There are substantial issues to argue about without dealing with the stupid. They have a longer clip so you can judge for yourself.