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2007 March 21 — Why Now?
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When You Get Manure, Plant Roses

The recent spam attacks are certainly driving up my stats.  The extra 500 comments today are really spiking Sitemeter.

If this keeps up I could turn to the “Dark Side” and use some network knowledge to backtrack and convince these people not to annoy me.  This garbage bogs down ‘Net performance.  The reason not to do it is that the most effective techniques will bog down the performance even more.

It is a total waste of time.  They are never going to get the link they want.

March 21, 2007   8 Comments

A Disaster In The Making

John McKay of archy: I don’t get animal rights radicals.

Of course, Cute Overload has video of Knut.

“Knut, who recently posed for a photo shoot with star-photographer Annie Leibovitz for an environmental protection campaign, is scheduled to make his public debut at the zoo later this week or early next week…”

Frank Albrecht is out of his mind suggesting: Cuddly polar bear cub better off dead.

Before this is over, Albrecht is going to end up a bloody spot on a middle school playground when a mob led by the Olsen twins beats him up with their Hello Kitty lunch pails. You mess with “cute” at your own risk.

March 21, 2007   7 Comments