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2007 March 08 — Why Now?
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Tough Sledding

The good news for Lance Mackey is that he won $3000 in gold nuggets by being first to halfway point, the old mining town of Iditarod that gives the race its name. The best news was that the missing musher has been found well off the trail, but safe and still moving towards the next checkpoint.

Overall conditions on the trail have taken a heavy toll, with fourteen mushers out due to injuries or broken sleds. Not much snow, bitter cold, and high winds are making the race miserable for humans and dogs.

March 8, 2007   Comments Off on Tough Sledding

Give It A Rest

Let’s see, in addition to losing money in the stock market, Barack Obama received parking tickets while in college, and HE DIDN’T PAY THEM BEFORE HE LEFT TOWN AFTER GRADUATION!!!!

GOOOOOLLEEE!  I have never heard of such a thing, well, except for the huge pile of unpaid tickets that every city or town that with a college in it has.

Do the people who write these stories have any idea how stupid they appear to the rest of the world?

March 8, 2007   4 Comments