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2007 March 09 — Why Now?
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Put It On Ebay

Alleged “D.C. Madam” Pleads Not Guilty and raised the fear factor inside the Beltway:

A former escort service owner who has threatened to sell a list of 15,000 phone numbers from her client list to help her defense pleaded not guilty Friday to racketeering.

Dick Morris has already said he’s on the list, so the names could be interesting, especially to DC area divorce lawyers.

March 9, 2007   4 Comments

The Yukon River

The Anchorage Daily News, with the help from local village school kids posting on their web sites reports that four-time champion Martin Buser was first to the Yukon River.

A lack of snow, single digit day time temperatures, and strong winds are the environmental factors for the rest of the race.

March 9, 2007   1 Comment

Ordure South of the Border

With his Defense Department, Department of Veterans Affair, and Justice Department neck-deep in guano, the Shrubbery has decided to see if he can find his daughter’s cell phone, or annoy everyone living south of the US, or check on the extradition treaties, or something.

He was in Brazil to promote the burning of the Amazon basin so wealthy people can create more sugar cane fields and produce ethanol in a agricultural and commercial process that creates as much green house gas as the petroleum industry. Of course, to work, American corn farmers are going to get screwed, but what does he care.

He told the assembled masses that weren’t recovering from tear gas used in the demonstrations against him that he had doubled aid to South America from $800 million to $1.6 billion during his reign, but he neglected to mention that the $800 million was half of what was allocated before he came into office and slashed it. He assumes that everyone is like his base and the media, who don’t bother to fact check anything.

I hope nothing happens to him – we have invaded more than enough countries.

March 9, 2007   Comments Off on Ordure South of the Border

Tax Dodges

The Associated Press reports: Cows Slow Rush-Hour Traffic In Miami.

Why are there cows wandering around on I-75 – because if you put domestic live stock on your property it is assessed at the special low agricultural rate, rather than the unimproved land rate. There’s probably a franchised Rent-A-Holstein to provide them with the cattle. They probably receive Federal farm subsidies in addition to the reduced property taxes.

March 9, 2007   1 Comment

Squirrel Watch

Karen of Peripetia reports on their attempts to develop a an airborne force. I think they should have developed parachutes first.

March 9, 2007   6 Comments


My host was down for a while late Wednesday because of a kernel panic [blue screen of death, for Windows users, the bomb icon for Macistas]. I lost a post because it was short and I didn’t save it, as I do with longer posts or multiple posts.

Fixing the problem required rebuilding the kernel with an upgraded module, which they scheduled for 11PM [CST] last night.

I knew it and yet there I was writing another post at 11 last night, and I lost it. I really hate it when I do stupid things like that. It’s as bad as opening the toaster oven without putting on an oven mitt – that oven will burn me every time, and I still do it from time to time.

March 9, 2007   4 Comments

Truth In Advertizing

A chemical company has had its application rejected to name a new rat poison after the head of the food and drug administration who resigned when he was charged with corruption. The head of the trademark office felt it was inappropriate because the official hasn’t been convicted of anything…yet.

Oh, this happened in China. Nothing like this could happen in the US – right?

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Friday Cat Blogging

Laptop Cases III

Friday Cat Blogging

It’s just right.

[Editor: Yeah, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears – well, except its cats, and it has been decades since I’ve had hair, and more decades to the point when it was “golden”. This picture does explain why she was named Dot.]

Friday Ark

March 9, 2007   7 Comments