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My host was down for a while late Wednesday because of a kernel panic [blue screen of death, for Windows users, the bomb icon for Macistas]. I lost a post because it was short and I didn’t save it, as I do with longer posts or multiple posts.

Fixing the problem required rebuilding the kernel with an upgraded module, which they scheduled for 11PM [CST] last night.

I knew it and yet there I was writing another post at 11 last night, and I lost it. I really hate it when I do stupid things like that. It’s as bad as opening the toaster oven without putting on an oven mitt – that oven will burn me every time, and I still do it from time to time.


1 ellroon { 03.09.07 at 7:58 pm }

I consider burning myself part of the joys of cooking…. nah. But I will try and save my posts more often now…

2 Bryan { 03.09.07 at 8:19 pm }

That oven is fiendish. Though metal, the handle never gets hot, but almost everything else does. It lures you into believing that you can reach in with a pot holder to grab the pan, then it gets you as you are removing it. It’s a plot – there are probably squirrels involved.

3 Steve Bates { 03.09.07 at 10:36 pm }

Squirrels are involved only if you are cooking them in the toaster oven. Otherwise, your observation when it burns you is more likely to be “Rats!” (Or something stronger.) I’ve never heard anyone burn himself and exclaim, “Squirrels!”

I was writing an extended post when that outage began, sitting in a hotel room, trying to finish the post in a hurry so I could rejoin the love of my life. Of course I ended up sitting around until I could post it, possibly an hour later. Fortunately, creating a post in my funky hand-coded blog involves saving a local file before posting it.

As for backing up as I write, e.g., comments, I frequently do Select-All | Copy as a kind of crude backup after each paragraph and again just before I submit. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than losing everything… which I nonetheless do all too frequently.

4 Bryan { 03.09.07 at 10:45 pm }

I have a feeling NFS is going to dump the guys in Phoenix, but at least they have their status site on a separate system so you can find out what’s going on.