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2007 March 16 — Why Now?
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Crime Doesn’t Pay?

The BBC reports: Mexico police in $205m cash haul.

It was cash, stacks of $100-bills, in a house. It looked like the days of the CPA in Baghdad – stacks of money on pallets.

March 16, 2007   Comments Off on Crime Doesn’t Pay?

More Lies

Litbrit at Shakespeare’s Sister in the post, And The Point Of Having A White House Security Director Would Be…?, notes that there is no record of any investigation of the leak of Valerie Plame’s name.

I guess they might have put a post-it note on the break room fridge asking anyone who outed a CIA agent to call Karl, which would have been the basis of Scotty’s denial that anyone in the White House was involved.

I think it’s long past the time at which journalists need to ask themselves: does access have any value if all you get are lies? Do journalists understand that they are not protecting sources, they are shielding criminals from prosecution? [It is illegal for the government to conduct a misinformation campaign in the United States.]

March 16, 2007   2 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

Road Block

Friday Cat Blogging

It’s time for scratches.

[Editor: While Sox admits “mistakes were made” and he “takes responsibility” for the litter all over the carpet, he wants his stomach scratched before the vacuum cleaner is used.]

Friday Ark

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