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What a Day

Today marks Osama bin Laden’s fiftieth birthday and the 2000th day since the Shrubbery declared he would get Osama “dead or alive.”

Why isn’t Osama in a supermax?


1 Steve Bates { 03.10.07 at 8:06 am }

Why isn’t Osama in a supermax?

Because we have a shrubbery for a preznit. Even if Shrub had not engaged in all his boasting, I would still believe the connection is direct: if someone else had been in the big chair, someone more competent to tie his or her shoes without screwing up, Osama would no longer be a problem. (Al Qaeda in general is another matter.)

Osama is still out there after 2k days. And the U.S.’s part in the Allies’ defeat of Hitler took less time than the U.S. has been at war with Iraq. How many more such milestones will we pass, and what condition will our nation be in, when this is over?

BTW, let me reverse the question: why isn’t Shrubbery in a supermax?

2 Bryan { 03.10.07 at 12:28 pm }

The thought of this Saudi millionaire having a birthday party because the neocons would rather play-out their delusions really pisses me off. These guys never finish anything.

The whole crew should be impeached and indicted for their actions.

3 jamsodonnell { 03.10.07 at 1:28 pm }

Osama who? Surely Saddam, sorry Ahmadinejad, was behind 9/11! Leaving aside the crass Ingsoc alteration of fact the fact that Osama has been utterly forgotten is a disgrace.

4 Bryan { 03.10.07 at 1:41 pm }

It makes you wonder how evil someone has to be to make an impression on these people. Apparently killing people 3000 at a whack isn’t enough.