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2008 April 01 — Why Now?
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And Now, For Something Completely Different

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Update: Hipparchia has located A Shrubbery

April 1, 2008   10 Comments

It’s A Tradition

Elayne Riggs highlights the best April Fool’s ad, which, as usual is from the BBC.

While it isn’t on the scale of the 1957 entry, The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest , it is clever.

April 1, 2008   12 Comments

Today’s Burning Question

Has Fafblog returned, or are they only toying with us?

Twenty months is a long time to pick up a Slurpee at the 7-Eleven.

April 1, 2008   2 Comments

Happy 90th Birthday

Royal Air Force badge

Royal Air Force ensign

to the Royal Air Force

April 1, 2008   Comments Off on Happy 90th Birthday