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2008 April 24 — Why Now?
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All Politics Are Local

By now you heard about the nasty ads running in North Carolina. If you watch television you’ve probably seen them multiple times, because the talking heads want you to know how terrible they are and you need to see them so you can understand.

A number of people have called on McCain to condemn them and he has, and McCain has asked the North Carolina Republican Party not to run them, but those ads are going to run. They are going to run because they have nothing to do with the Presidential campaign: they are about the campaign for governor of North Carolina.

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Oh, *&%*!!!

Via Lisa at All Hat and No Cattle the local puppy trainer tells us that Dick “Dick” Cheney is coming to town. He’ll be here on Friday at a fund raiser for our local Congresscritter Jeff “What exactly does a clue look like?” Miller, who, with a 4 to 1 Republican majority, thinks he needs to build up a campaign fund.

While he will probably be flown from the base flightline to the Fairgrounds, which is sort of a semi-part of the base, they will shut down all of the local roads to fool terrorists. This will create a lot of terrorist thoughts among local drivers, but as “Dick” is fond of saying “So”.

April 24, 2008   4 Comments