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2008 April 16 — Why Now?
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The War On Terror?

This is beyond absurd, as reported in the Kansas City Star: Former workers at area munitions plant charged with sabotage

Former employees of an Independence munitions plant allegedly stole tons of copper that was to have been forged into bullets for U.S. soldiers, according to sabotage charges unsealed Tuesday.

The copper — described as “bullet cups” in the indictment — eventually was sold to a Moberly, Mo., salvage company for $45,362.

Charles Dale Osborn, 45, of Odessa, Mo., and Timothy Duane Langevin, 36, of Independence, were charged in the 10-count federal indictment. According to allegations in court records, the conspirators initially smuggled out of the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant relatively small amounts of copper in buckets, but later used heavy equipment and a trailer to haul out ever-growing loads.

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April 16, 2008   8 Comments