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2008 April 17 — Why Now?
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Excuse Me?

First off, to the best of my knowledge my little place is considered part of the “liberal” segment of blogtopia, and I have only been vaguely aware of the existence of the individual identified as Megan McArdle. To be brutally frank, only the specialists in snark directed at right-wing blogs ever mention her name.

So I’m a little surprised that Kevin Drum has written a post, GET A GRIP, in which Megan McArdle complains about “the comment threads on our media appearances”, and suddenly Kevin decides that this is “[o]ne of the most inexplicable tropes of the liberal blogosphere”. What’s “inexplicable” is how comment threads became the “liberal blogosphere”.

It becomes more inexplicable when Roger Ailes [the good one], points out in his piece, Bang the Drum, Slowly, that Ms McArdle is really complaining about an article in the Village Voice.

These “friendly fire” incidents do not bode well for the election. You are supposed to clearly identify the target before you pull the trigger.

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And Now For Something Completely Different

If you aren’t a regular visitor to All Hat and No Cattle [why aren’t you?], check out the photos at the bottom of today’s edition.

Nice, Lisa, really nice. [this is what living on the Panhandle does to you.] 😈

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In Computer News

Badtux links to the UK site, The Register, which tells us about the latest Microsoft atrocity: Windows Vista update ‘kills’ USB devices

Microsoft has admitted it is investigating reports that a recent Windows Vista security update causes havoc with some USB devices, but the software giant is yet to provide a fix for the cock-up.

The Windows Defender update was released last week, but some unfortunate Vista customers have claimed that their USB mice and keyboards among other devices refuse to work after the update is installed on their computers.

It becomes a bit difficult to do much when you don’t have access to your keyboard, which means catching the system before it gets into its regular boot sequence and prevent things from loading. One of the major reasons for not turning on automatic updates is that they prevent you from creating a “restore point” on your Windows system before things go weird as a result of the update.

[

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MHNT – Episode Three – The Empire Loses Again

Back in June of 2006 we were introduced to the Miami Haitian Ninja Terrorists, that the humorless media referred to as the Liberty City 7. The Justice Department and FBI trumpeted the election year capture of a “dangerous group of” unemployed Haitians who were hiding by hanging out in an abandoned warehouse wearing Ninja costumes. [Why haven’t the Waylan brothers picked up on this?]

In Episode Two, Miami Haitian Ninja Terrorists – The Trial, Brother Levi, who wasn’t really clear on who or where he was, was found innocent of everything [including willfully having a rational thought] and the jury couldn’t decide on the guilt or innocence of the other six. The Justice Department decided to retry the remaining six, and, according to the Miami Herald, were presented with another hung jury and mistrial. [Read more →]

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