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2008 April 30 — Why Now?
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DoS Agitprop

CNN reports that U.S. terror report cites Venezuela, Iran

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Venezuela’s associations with terror states, Iran’s meddling in Iraq and the resurgence of al Qaeda in Afghanistan top the concerns in a new State Department report on terrorism threats in countries around the world.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is not cooperating with U.S. anti-terror efforts and has “deepened Venezuelan relationships with state sponsors of terrorism Iran and Cuba,” the annual report says.

The report notes Chavez’s “ideological sympathy” for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the Colombian-based National Liberation Army, which “regularly crossed into Venezuelan territory to rest and regroup.”

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It’s Hexennacht and the moon is waning crescent, but there is no Blocksberg available for dancing down here and local fire officials frown on bonfires.

Of course the Church grabbed this holiday too and called it Walpurgisnacht in honor of one of their Anglo-Saxon saints, rather than good German witches [Hexen].

The Celts celebrate Beltaine at this time of the year.

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Raising The Stakes

So the Hedgemony send another carrier to the Gulf to intimidate the Iranians. The Iranians see the aircraft carrier, and raise the price of our gasoline.

The Associated Press reports that Iran dumps U.S. dollar for oil trades

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran, OPEC’s second-largest producer, has stopped conducting oil transactions in U.S. dollars, a top Oil Ministry official said Wednesday, in a concerted attempt to reduce reliance on Washington at a time of tension over Tehran’s nuclear program and suspected involvement in Iraq.

Iran has dramatically reduced dependence on the dollar over the past year in the face of increasing U.S. pressure on its financial system and the fall in the value of the American currency.

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OK, How About Syria?

Nuclear SymbolThe Associated Press felt compelled to report the suppositions of a political careerist Air Force General: CIA: Syria reactor could make 1-2 bombs a year:

WASHINGTON – A suspected Syrian reactor bombed by Israel had the capacity to produce enough nuclear material to fuel one to two weapons a year, CIA Director Michael Hayden said on Monday.

Hayden said the plutonium reactor was within weeks or months of completion when it was destroyed in an air strike last September 6, and within a year of entering operation it could have produced enough material for at least one weapon.

“In the course of a year after they got full up, they would have produced enough plutonium for one or two weapons,” Hayden told reporters after a speech.

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