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Good News — Why Now?
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Good News

From Lance Mackey’s website

Update on “Zorro”
April 2, 2008:
Zorro is in Seattle with Lance and Tonya. The best news is, vets have completed an MRI and Zorro will NOT need back surgery at this time. He has a minor concussion, some bruising on the lung, 3 broken ribs, swelling, bruising & bleeding on the spine with one injured disc. Zorro is responding to things around him. They expect, with time, he will get feeling in his back legs and be able to stand and walk. Zorro will be released friday evening from the Seattle vet clinic to come home and begin his long road to recovery with veterinarians in Fairbanks. Zorro will need 6-8 months of care and therapy. Doctors are optimistic for his recovery.

Of course, this means his racing days are over, but he will still have a life in the kennel.


1 hipparchia { 04.05.08 at 2:50 am }

2500 booties a year. i’ve long wondered how many they go through. i figured it had to be a lot, but i didn’t expect it to be quite that many.

i’m glad it looks like zorro will be ok.

2 Bryan { 04.05.08 at 1:29 pm }

Making them durable would make them thick and heavy, so they tend to wear out, and you need 64 at a time for a 16-dog team. The Yukon Quest and Iditarod add up to >2K miles, without even looking at training.

Zorro would have probably retired at the end of this season anyway, but it’s not going to be easy convincing him of that.