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Friday Cat Blogging

Surprised Cat

Friday Cat Blogging

Oh my!

[Editor: There is something about the shape, size, and placement of this juvenile’s eyes that makes it look like everything is a shock to her.]

Friday Ark


1 Steve Bates { 04.25.08 at 1:05 am }

This must be the night to use “oh my!” in a cat-blogging post; I did as well. You can tell this cat is young because her eyes are wide open and not averted from the focus beam.

2 hipparchia { 04.25.08 at 1:13 am }
3 Bryan { 04.25.08 at 1:14 am }

There was minimal flash and this was outside with other cats around. That’s what she always looks like. That wide-eyed stare is the way I recognize her as her markings are very common.

4 Bryan { 04.25.08 at 1:24 am }

There is a resemblance, Hipparchia.

5 jams o donnell { 04.25.08 at 2:13 am }

Haha Hipparchia definitely has a point there! As for the state are you sure there was not a streaker behind you?

6 Lab Kat { 04.25.08 at 10:39 am }

It’s those underground catnip parties she’s been sneaking off to… never know what the catnip is cut with.

7 Bryan { 04.25.08 at 11:49 am }

Well, Jams, at this time of year there is always a lot of sex in the feline community, but she always looks like that.

On my front stoop the ‘nip share spaces with zinnia sprouts and lavender, LK, lavender rumored to be a flea bane.

8 SocraticGadfly { 04.25.08 at 2:27 pm }

For something “totally different,” here’s my Friday SCATblogging for this week.

9 quasi { 04.26.08 at 8:36 pm }

Bryan, eucalyptus is a flea bane, too. I’d like to tell you that I’ve written a scathingly funny book, The World Is Your Litter Box, which will be out in May. The book is cleverly disguised as a cute cat book so humans will buy it, but is, in fact, a how-to manual FOR cats. Check it out on my website, http://www.theworldisyourlitterbox.com.

10 Yaffa & Sebastian { 04.27.08 at 11:55 am }

What are you looking at kitty?

11 Bryan { 04.27.08 at 3:25 pm }

Actually, nothing in particular, and there was certainly nothing threatening in the area. She was waiting for the protein and rice [and vitamins] that I put out the evening which is a daily event.