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Labour Loses in Locals… Again

Labour PartyThe “New” Labour Party is the gift that keeps on giving – to the Tories. I used the same headline twenty-five months ago.

The BBC says Tories ‘winning across England’:

Conservative leader David Cameron has said his party’s performance in the local elections shows it can win in “every part of the country”.

So far the Tories have taken councils from Labour and the Lib Dems including Derbyshire, run by Labour since 1981.

The Lib Dems have won control in Bristol while Labour has lost control of all of its four councils.

Labour deputy Harriet Harman admitted the results were “disappointing” but said the party would learn from them.

One would hope they would learn that if people are going to get a conservative government no matter which party they vote for, they will volt for the Tories. If you want to get out liberal voters, you are going to have to act like a liberal when you are in power.