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2009 July 01 — Why Now?
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What I’ve Been Reading

Steve Bates is taking a blogging hiatus while dealing with an injury.

If you have any interest in stargazing, KTK at Lean Left notes that $15 [plus shipping and handling] scores The Galileoscope™, an inexpensive instrument that is better that the one Galileo used to make his discoveries.

CNN notes NTSB says train detection system failed in days before D.C. crash. Actually the system was flaky and not always picking the presence of trains.

The teen who is the only known survivor of the Comoros crash doesn’t know what happened. They are still looking for the data recorders.

In the unintended consequences department: Feds could seize Calif. parks if closed by budget. Quite true and well known locally. If the Feds give a state or local government land for a specific purpose, that is the only thing the land can be used for, and they will take it back if you don’t live up to your agreement.

The reform leaders in Iran haven’t given up their struggle.

McClatchy has an interview: Honduran general who led coup says he tried to avoid it.

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Happy Canada Day

La fête du


Thank you for not yet building a fence along your southern or western border, and for brewing great beer.

Schedule of Ottawa events and some background.

As noted, Toronto has scaled back its celebrations.

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