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2009 July 29 — Why Now?
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Has Anyone Thought This Through?

McClatchy reports that Democrats may drop public option from health bill, which means the whole process was a waste of energy and time.

The “half dozen half-wits” in the Senate, Max Baucus [dR] of Montana, Kent Conrad [dR] of North Dakota, Jeff Bingaman [DD] of New Mexico, Susan Collins [rd] of Maine, Mike Enzi [RR] of Wyoming, and Chuck Grassley [RR] of Iowa, have lost the reason for the effort and think there is some way of getting health insurance reform without actually reforming anything.

There is talk of mandates for people, but no explanation as to exactly what authority the government has that can force people to buy anything from a private business, like an insurance company. You don’t have to buy auto insurance unless you want to drive, and driving is a privilege, not a right. If the government supplies health insurance, you can be taxed to pay for it, but you can’t be ordered to buy it from a private insurance company, no matter what Congress may think. This mandate garbage is nonsense. Where does this power come from?

July 29, 2009   10 Comments

Ever Wonder Why…

Rook found and posted an old file that deals with one of the oddities of the world, in this case the gauge, or distance between the tracks, of US railways, and why it is such an odd size.

It is like the Connections series of James Burke, which traces the path of inventions.

July 29, 2009   1 Comment