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By all accounts Representative Alan Grayson, (D-Orlando) is a solid liberal vote, but he’s a Congresscritter and does what Congresscritters do – Bring Home The Bacon.

He is pushing a $50 million hurricane research center to be built in Orlando. More money for hurricane research is great, but there are existing research centers that could make better use of the money than building a new one in Mouseville. If Walt Disney had wanted a hurricane research center in Orlando he would have ordered the local Congresscritters to build one.

The Orlando Sentinel editorial page notes Alan Grayson behind a Category 5 waste and Dr. Jeff Masters says New $50 million hurricane research center: a bad idea.

Yes, Orlando needs jobs, but the jobs generated would come from outside the Orlando area, not from the local community, so it isn’t an effective boost in a state without an income tax. If the Congresscritter would like to really help, he could back rail service to Orlando to increase visitors.