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Happy Bastille Day

La Fête Nationale
Bastille Day


Thank you for the help with the Revolution.

Happy Birthday Александра.

Some background.

Note: Yesterday was a rest day on Le Tour de France. Today’s stage is much flatter, and the French riders should be going all out to win the stage.


1 Badtux { 07.15.09 at 1:32 am }

Bastille Day should be a lesson to Republicans whose every utterance about anybody who is not a millionaire is almost literally “let them eat cake” that this is not a wise nor sane policy for any person who values his neck. The example of Louis XVI and his young queen Marie Antoinette should be instructive there. Yet they still insist that “let them eat cake” is a sane or viable policy in a democracy. It is not, and if they refuse to acquiesce to the will of the majority, they are likely to meet the same fate.

– Badtux the Realist Penguin
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2 Bryan { 07.15.09 at 2:29 pm }

Krugman noted on several occasions that the policies of the Hedgemony were paralleling 18th century France, including the shift of the tax burden downward, tax farming, and a number of other things.

“Aux armes, citoyens! ” may soon ring through the “purple mountains” and across the “fruited plains”.