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They Have No Shame — Why Now?
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They Have No Shame

So, I was doing my normal scan of media sites this morning and landed on CBS “News?”. This is an organization that has been honoring one of the great pioneers of television news, Walter Cronkite, for a week. This is an organization essentially created by Edward R. Murrow, who, it could be said, was a founder of the concept of television news. Pretty good credentials, a firm foundation on which to build.

What do I see when I get down to their opinion area? What name appears there, that by all measures of decency and honesty should have been swept into the dustbin of bad media experiences: Ben Domenech!

The piece notes that “Ben Domenech is the editor in chief of the The New Ledger.” Well, he would have to be the editor in chief, because no one who had anything approaching even a facsimile of actual integrity would hire him. In an astounding bit of clueless irony they include at the end of the drivel “Reprinted with permission from The New Ledger”, a concept that never intruded in Ben’s world.

As Joseph Welch famously asked Joe McCarthy, I would ask CBS: “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”