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Microsoft Should Sue

PZ Myers has a post, Scientology values, that covers the contract people have to sign to get into Scientology. It sounds like a rip off of the M$ End User License Agreement.


1 Kryten42 { 07.26.09 at 11:55 pm }

Ahh… But they have so much else in common! Why not a common license? I supose the *Church* of Scientology has to differentiate themselves from other Churches somehow. Why not a license to own your soul and lease it back to you for awhile? Next, they’ll be selling magical Scientology approved imitation gold & diamond chokers and chains as a fashion accessory (made in China, of course). 😀

In any case… How do you know The Dweeb doesn’t own Scientology (maybe via many proxies)? It’s certainly his style, and wouldn’t surprise me in the least. 🙂

I’m sure it has all the other quack religions drooling in near epiphany with the possibilities of sheering even more from their flocks. 😆

2 Bryan { 07.27.09 at 12:12 am }

Gates is out cleansing his soul with his “charitable works” among the poor who can’t afford to buy his products, and therefore don’t want to lynch him.

He may be scouting new markets to exploit, but the foundation, his wife’s idea, does some good.

Unlike real technology companies that suffer when the founders leave, M$ continues on its monopolistic way.

Scientology is more of a business operation that a religion, although Hubbard was insane enough to qualify as a prophet, which the organization spells “profit”.