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Get Them On The Record

Via Corrente a report in The Hill: Liberals will get single-payer vote on House floor

Seeking to dampen liberal anger about deals cut with centrists, Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) said House leaders have agreed to allow a floor vote on a government-run, single-payer system.

“A lot of members on our committee want a vote on that,” said Waxman said in an interview. “I believe their wishes will be accommodated.”

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) offered a single-payer amendment in the Energy and Commerce Committee on Friday, but withdrew it after Waxman said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had promised a floor vote.

A roll call vote will highlight who needs to be “trained” in the 2010 election. I don’t care what kind of crap bill, if any, gets passed. If it isn’t Medicare-for-All it will be too expensive and reward the insurance industry.

Representative Weiner of Brooklyn also called the Republicans on the committee out by offering an amendment to eliminate the current Medicare program. For some reason the Repubs didn’t vote for it after bad-mouthing “government-run programs” for years.


1 hipparchia { 08.01.09 at 12:08 am }

ah, you can ignore my other comment then. but i’m still waiting till tomorrow.
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2 Bryan { 08.01.09 at 12:12 am }

I do more lurking than talking. I get upset that the obvious logic gets buried in the political calculus designed for no known result.

If they don’t support me and my requirements I don’t care what initial they have after their name.

3 Badtux { 08.01.09 at 5:08 pm }

Wow, Republicans voted for government-run healthcare? LOL! So why should we listen to their rants about “government-run healthcare”, if they voted for it? Talk about your logic fail :).

– Badtux the Amused Penguin
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4 Bryan { 08.01.09 at 5:35 pm }

It didn’t take much for them to realize that voting to abolish Medicare would be a major problem on the campaign trail. Not even the insurance campaign contributions would make up for than one.

Logic and Republicans? Sorry, that search is out of range.