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More Local “Job Reductions”

The Feds finished their work, so now it’s the turn of the state’s attorney to deal with the local Sheriff’s Office: Morris’ ‘criminal enterprise’

SHALIMAR — Former Sheriff Charlie Morris and four members of his administrative staff face state racketeering charges for their roles in a “criminal enterprise.”

A sixth, Sabra Thornton, identified as Morris’ mistress, will be charged with grand theft.

In a detailed charging document made public Thursday, state prosecutors said the Sheriff’s Office from 2006 to 2009 operated as a criminal enterprise at its highest levels, with the sheriff using public money to buy gifts and pay off thousands of dollars in debt for a top female employee, Thornton, his former chief of staff.

The other four are accused of helping keep it quiet.

Thornton drew a large salary from the Sheriff’s Office even though “there was no evidence that (she) performed any work,” the charging document said.

If you had evidence of the “work” she performed we would be dealing with network satellite trucks and the state’s attorney would be on CNN every night for weeks.

For those of you playing at home: Charlie Morris, sheriff, chief deputy Michael Coup, director of technology James Yacks, finance administrator Dandra Norris, director of administration Teresa Adams, and in her starring role as chief of staff for liaison, Sabra Thornton.

It would appear to me that Ms Thornton was involved in at least one “liaison”.

Another “G-d fearing, law and order, Republican politician who can’t keep it zipped. Maybe if we neutered them we would have fewer problems.