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2009 October 08 — Why Now?
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Under Stuff:

Henri est mort. Just couldn’t survive the wind shear, and has become a remnant low.

Vanuatu and the Santa Cruz Islands are still shaking with three more >6 tremors today, and a half-dozen smaller shocks. This is not good for the people getting jarred, as they aren’t going to be comfortable going back to their homes.


For the FTC – I run no advertising, and have received no freebies or compensation for discussing anything on this On-line Opinion Magazine blog. That is probably due the fact that when I discuss devices or programs, it is generally to complain.

The graphics in the right left side bar reflect things I use to produce this blog, which means they are generally “good enough”, as Jerry Pournelle was known to remark. I’m paying to use some, but most are free and open source, so there is a net loss on the ledger.

October 8, 2009   4 Comments