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2009 October 28 — Why Now?
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These People Are Weird

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Echidne writes about the Colorado “Personhood” movement at it again in The Egg Americans. They apparently intend to introduce this every two years.

A month ago I wrote about their efforts in Florida.

All that is required is money and a core group of obsessives willing to keep doing this until people stop paying attention, or the initiative laws are changed to stop this.

[I also wanted an excuse to use that graphic since I first saw it.]

October 28, 2009   5 Comments

In Local News

The Food and Drug Administration says Gulf of Mexico Oysters Unsafe. That’s true because the incident of Vibrio vulnificus in Gulf waters is higher than ever, due to the water being warmer than ever. The old saying about not eating oysters in months without an “R” is based on the need of Vibrio for warm water.

When you add in the pollution caused by the reduced outflow into the Gulf, the result of lower rainfalls in some areas, and higher water use upstream, the problems increase. Oysters filter the water for their food, so anything in the water will be in the oysters. We aren’t having more red tide blooms every year because the Gulf is healthy. I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone eat raw oysters other than during the Fall and Winter months.

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October 28, 2009   2 Comments