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2009 October 11 — Why Now?
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US Going To South Africa

I know full well and good that almost no one who stops by actually cares about this, because they think that football is a game in which the pointy-ended “ball” gets picked up and carried, but the New York Times reports that the US national team has qualified for the 2010 World Cup being held in South Africa.

Hopefully they won’t get dismissed in the first round, as happened in 2006 in Germany.

October 11, 2009   6 Comments

Call For The Smelling Salts

Mustang Bobby at Bark Bark Woof Woof included a link to a Washington Post article, ‘Die quickly’ congressman new hero for Fla. Dems

While Grayson’s criticisms may play well with a room filled with Democratic activists, University of South Florida political science professor Susan MacManus said most people want civility in politics.

“To these people he obviously reflects reality, to others he reflects incivility,” said MacManus, who was at the convention.

Professor MacManus is Florida’s version of David Broder, i.e. widely quoted and normally totally out of sync with the world around her.

Politics is, and always was, a blood sport in the United States, and calls for civility are usually an attempt by the last party to commit some obvious political hit job to kill the backlash.

It hasn’t been a month since I posted on FDR’s response to an attack that referenced his dog, Fala, in 1944.

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