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2009 October 13 — Why Now?
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Violating The Dress Code

I’m sorry, but I don’t wear pajamas, don’t eat Cheetos, and don’t have a basement. I, nonetheless, still blog.

If I’m traveling, or it’s cold, I wear sweats to bed. I started doing that decades ago when I spent a lot of time in Europe. In Britain it was the IRA, and on the Continent it was various groups who were constantly interrupting a good night’s sleep with their bombs. Sweats were a lot warmer and better fitting than most pajamas, so I stayed with them. That’s when I started using a small pouch that I hung on the door knob of my hotel room, so I wouldn’t leave the key, wallet, passport, etc. in the room when I evacuated.

I realize that Washington is populated with shallow people, but they should consider that they had to study the words of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle who wore sheets, Thomas Aquinas and William of Ockham who wore bathrobes, and William Shakespeare wore woolen pantyhose. I don’t think that William Wallace or Robert the Bruce would have taken kindly to cracks about them wearing nightshirts and blankets. Clothes only make the man when there is no substance to fill them.

As for “the base” being happy – yeah, right, that’s why individual contributions to the DNCC and DSCC are off by a third, because the base is so thrilled by what’s been accomplished.

On a not very related note, the Agonist keeps telling me that I’m not authorized to read it. What’s with that? It’s not like I called Sean-Paul a grom for his recent surfing attempts, I know better. Grom refers to age, not ability.

Update: The Agonist is back after resolving some issues with a corrupted table. Databases are like that – they occasionally get scrambled, which is why you back them up to restore a good copy.

If you still seem to have issues, clear your cache and try again.

October 13, 2009   24 Comments