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No Let Up On The Fires — Why Now?
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No Let Up On The Fires

FireThe ABC reports that Crews battle blazes across 3 states:

New South Wales

Fire crews are working throughout the night to bring large blazes across three states under control.

About 150 volunteer firefighters and national parks officers are fighting three blazes that are still burning in the Clarence Valley on the New South Wales north coast.


More than 30 teams of firefighters are working desperately to bring a large bushfire under control at Mount Archer, east of Rockhampton.

Western Australia

Meanwhile fire crews will continue to monitor flare-ups near the North Cable Beach area in Broome.

Firefighters have contained a fire at Coconut Well, which was threatening homes, and have established containment lines near the Crab Creek Road area.

These are all on the coast. The first two on the East Coast, and the third on the West Coast. In Australia the average temperature increases as you go North. The peak of their fire season is normally the first months of the year.

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