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2011 May 04 — Why Now?
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Claude Choules 1901-2011

The ABC reports on the end of era Last male WWI veteran dies

The man believed to have been the last living male veteran of World War I has died in Perth aged 110.

British-born Claude Choules served in the Royal Navy during World War I and witnessed the scuttling of the German fleet at Scapa Flow.

Mr Choules was born in 1901 and signed up for the Great War at just 14 years of age.

After the war, he moved to Perth and joined the Australian Navy, working as a demolition officer at the Fremantle Harbour during World War II.

Mr Choules died in his sleep in a Perth nursing home overnight.

The only other surviving WWI veteran is believed to be Britain’s Florence Green, who served with the Royal Air Force in a non-combat role and is now 110 years old.

Both World Wars, but in two different Navies. The amazing things that Mr. Choules saw in his lifetime – airplanes, radio, television, computers, space flight … Most of what people would consider essential today, either did not exist when he was born, or was available only to the extremely wealthy.

May 4, 2011   1 Comment

UK Referendum On Voting Systems

In a few hours the polls will open for Referendum on the voting system for the UK Parliament.

The polls trend towards the rejection of the referendum, which is too bad. I think it would be nice if everyone could use the ‘alternative vote’ system in the general election, and not just the major parties when they select their leaders. If it is good enough to select the Prime Minister, it should work for the other members of Parliament.

Then again, I believe in a lot of weird things like: democracy, capitalism, and the US Constitution, so what do I know.

May 4, 2011   2 Comments