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2011 May 07 — Why Now?
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The Lege Is Finally Gone

They extended the session of the Florida legislature a day in order to pass the state’s budget. Well, you can imagine how hard it is to pass anything when the Republicans control two-thirds of both houses, and the governor is supposed to be a Republican. 😈

The Miami Herald has documented the atrocities Florida lawmakers end chaotic session with $70 billion budget

The Senate late Friday night voted 31-8 along mostly party lines for the $69.7 billion budget that eliminates 4,492 jobs, cuts state worker salaries by 3 percent, trims taxes by $300 million, privatizes prisons and reduces regulations. The House took up the budget early Saturday, passing it, 79-39, along party lines. The House adjourned at 2:07 a.m.

And they include a List of the Idiocy.

Fred Grimm reviews one of them: They use our money to fight us

Don’t worry. Despite the most brutal budget cuts in state history, the taxpayers of Florida still have millions set aside for their epic battle against the taxpayers of Florida.

Both houses of the Florida Legislature managed to find plenty of money — also known as your money — for the slush funds underwriting their costly lawsuit against the Fair Districts amendments.

The Orlando Sentinel reported this week that the legislative leadership has figured on spending $20 million, and plenty more if necessary, to preserve their sacred right to re-draw state Senate, state representative and congressional districts in whatever squished-out, crazy-map shapes best protect their political self-interest.

You’ll be paying the legal costs to subvert a pair of constitutional amendments approved by 62.6 percent of the voters last fall.

They have taken the case to the Federal courts, hoping for Federal intervention in the affairs of the state. It may come as a shock, but Republicants only believe in “states rights” when it is convenient for their political goals.

They managed to attack women, children, the disabled, the elderly, and especially the poor, while they provided “tax relief” to corporations who aren’t going to do any hiring. They have made it easier to build houses when there is a glut of empty houses in Florida. On the jobs front, they put over 4,000 more people out of work. Amazing the amount of damage they can do in two months.

Update: in a crushing blow to the tourist scene in Mossy Head, Florida, after four years they have finally passed a law making bestiality illegal in Florida. “My Pet Goat” had an entirely different connotation in Mossy Head [nudge, nudge, wink, wink].

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Weekend Up-Date

Osama bin Laden is still dead.

[That requires some knowledge of old TV shows.]

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