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2011 May 12 — Why Now?
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Who Do They Work For?

The Local Puppy Trainer notes that Local officials angry at some of Don and Matt Gaetz’s proposals

Not to be outdone by his son, state Sen. Don Gaetz sponsored a bill that would have eliminated the Mid-Bay Bridge Authority and two expressway authorities.

The senior Gaetz said he could have gotten the legislation passed — and saved taxpayers about $25 million a year — but the response from local governments, the Destin Area Chamber of Commerce and the county’s Economic Development Council made the effort seem silly.

“There’s a point at where you’ve got to decide not to fight to give people what they don’t want,” Don Gaetz said.

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Blogger Bloggered

You get what you pay for, so as a public service-

Whatever they did last night at 10 PM PDT has resulted in a major problem beginning at about 2 PM PDT today. If you attempt to log on to a Blogspot site you get an error message beginning bX- followed by an individual identifier for the site.

They will probably have it fixed “real soon now”.

Update from Blogger Status:

Friday, May 13, 2011

We’ve started restoring the posts that were temporarily removed and expect Blogger to be back to normal soon.

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What The Eft?

McClatchy reports that the Newt is in the septic tank:

“I believe we can return America to hope, and opportunity, full employment, real security, to an American energy program, to a balanced budget,” Gingrich said.

He invoked Ronald Reagan and said that as House speaker he’d played a role in revamping welfare, balancing the federal budget and reducing unemployment. And in a nod to tea party supporters, Gingrich said he would be president over “a decentralized country under the 10th Amendment with power once again back with the American people and away from the Washington bureaucracy.”

In a boost to Salamander-Americans, the twit who closed down the US government over the seating arrangements on Air Force One announced his candidacy on Twitter. No word on what terrible disease his current wife has contracted which will “force” him to divorce her [wife-1 had cancer and wife-2 multiple sclerosis], but that will surely come as night follows day.

Well, he was in the House when a Democratic President and Democratic Congress passed the policies that brought down the deficit and finally balanced the budget after twelve years of “borrow and spend” under Reagan and Bush, but he spent most of his time ranting on C-Span after the rest of the House went home at night.

The man has the “family values” of a tomcat, and the political skills that caused the Republican caucus to dump him. Anyone who votes for him deserves what they get, because he has a long record.

[I apologize to amphibians everywhere for associating them with Newt Gingrich.]

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