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2011 May 21 — Why Now?
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Wow, They Aren’t Cuddly

Part of humor in the cartoon, The Angry Beavers, is that people can’t imagine one of the somewhat comical looking aquatic mammals being annoyed. Well, the CBC notes that they definitely get angry, and has the video to prove it.

Would you try to pick a fight with a German Shepherd?

May 21, 2011   15 Comments

Because Things Aren’t Bad Enough

CNN has a round-up on the Big Muddy: Mississippi governor urges caution as river crests

Vicksburg, Mississippi (CNN) — Storms were forecast Saturday for areas already suffering from the swollen Mississippi River, as Mississippi’s governor urged caution.

The rain comes as the Mississippi River was cresting in Natchez, Mississippi. The water was cresting at 61.8 feet, or 13.8 feet above flood stage there, according to the National Weather Service.

Severe storms are likely Saturday and Sunday in the Mississippi River, Ohio River and Tennessee River valleys.

Up to 3 inches of rain per hour are possible, with heavier storms on Sunday. The rain could lead to secondary crests and higher crests along the Mississippi from Memphis, Tennessee, southward, CNN meteorologist Sean Morris said.

A slide was detected on the mainline Mississippi levee at Lake Albemarle, the Corps of Engineers said Thursday. That occurs when the integrity of a levee is undermined because dirt and sand are being eroded, spokeswoman Eileen Williamson said.

Crews are working around the clock to help fill the gaps.

If the levee fails, thousands of homes and more than one million acres would be flooded, according to Peter Nimrod, the Mississippi Levee Board’s chief engineer.

The flooding in the Atchafalaya Basin doesn’t seem to be as bad as predicted. It is possible that the land is soaking up a lot of water after the winter drought. The problems could come later as the ground gets saturated while the high water continues to come in from the Mississippi.

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Not Safe For Fundies

via Elayne, one possible Rapture scenario.

I think the fundie leaders went for a different kind of “rapture”, as Playboy just put all of its issues on-line. They’ll be hitting up their congregations for more money as it’s a subscription service. [They want to read the interviews, that’s all …]

May 21, 2011   4 Comments

People Don’t Like It

The Miami Herald carries the first results of GOP efforts: In Jacksonville mayoral loss, lessons for Florida GOP

Republican leaders said over and over in recent weeks that a race for mayor of Jacksonville amounted to the first big Florida fight in the 2012 presidential race.

“The liberal organizers who want to keep the American people enslaved by wasteful spending and hideous deficits need to know that they have jumped the gun on 2012 and have awakened a sleeping giant,” Duval County Republican Chairman Lenny Curry declared this month before handing a $50,000 check to Republican mayoral candidate Mike Hogan.

“We’re going to send a message that Florida is red.”

Republicans better hope Curry is wrong about the Jacksonville race being a harbinger, because an black Democrat named Alvin Brown this week was elected mayor of Florida’s largest county, which includes the city of Jacksoville. Across Florida and even the country, stunned Republicans are struggling to understand the narrow upset in conservative northeast Florida.

“Jacksonville has always been a conservative stronghold for Republicans, and we’re going to have to really study what happened in this race,” said Florida Senate president and U.S. Senate candidate Mike Haridopolos, who had expected Hogan to win handily.

Here’s a hint for Mike Haridopolos – people saw what you wanted to do, and they don’t like it. For a Democrat to win in Duval County, Republicans had to vote for him. Duval is as “Red” as the Panhandle, and unless there’s only a 10% turnout, you can’t win with just non-Republican voters.

Here’s another hint – a lot of the people who are registered Republicans in Florida are real conservatives, and they don’t like the radical agenda of the current GOP.

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