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2012 July 02 — Why Now?
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The Computer Fun Continues

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I expected at least a hundred updates from M$ when I connected to the ‘Net, but there were only 78 which came in at something over 200MB. Then there was the 500+MB XP Virtual Machine that can only be downloaded with IE.

I transferred a lot of software from the laptop, but I still need to get a new copy of Ubuntu, so it isn’t over yet.

The easiest software to move to a new machine is my e-mail program, Pegasus. You copy the directory, and then run the installation program. The install sees that everything is there, so it just plugs it into Windows in less than a minute. I have copies of all of my saved e-mails, and the settings for all of my e-mail accounts are intact.

Everyone else wants a clean install, so I’m having to remember/find account names and passwords.

The box is about an inch too tall to fit properly under the desk, so I’ll have to rearrange furniture to move it at some point.

The fun never stops.

July 2, 2012   6 Comments

Le Tour – Stage Two

Tour de FranceAt the end of the second stage, Visé to Tournai 207.5 Kilometers, none of the jerseys changed backs, and the top ten remains the same.

It wasn’t boring because the Supermanx, Mark Cavendish of the Isle of Man, is still piling up stage wins. He waited until the leaders were past the 250-meters-to-go point, and zipped in for his 21st stage win. He isn’t winning based on pure speed, he just knows when to make his final sprint to edge out everyone else.

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