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2012 July 31 — Why Now?
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The Weather Outside … Sucks

Take a look at the Weather Underground’s local calendar view for July, 2012. You will note that you only see the sun icon on 3 of the 31 days. I did exaggerate a bit about all of the rest having thunderstorms, as there were a few days when it was just rain without all of the flashing and booming.

This morning we had the entire show. Twice the lightning was close enough to suck all of the juice out of the wires and leave me on the batteries. The main road was a mess because they are resurfacing it and have the storm drains covered to keep out debris. I assume the stores on the road will want the town to post it as a no wake zone until the road work is done.

Meanwhile, the hurricane season has restarted with Invest 99, a wave that moved off of Africa and is headed West through the MDR [Atlantic Main Development Region defined as 80W-20W, 10N-20N] towards the Antilles.

July 31, 2012   12 Comments

Running Government Like A Business

The Fraudster-in-chief doesn’t seem to be able to keep department heads and managers in his administration. His latest loss is Gisela Sala, the director of the Division of Elections, who has resigned effective tomorrow, August 1, two weeks before the state’s primary election.

She has only had the job for a little over a year, but it has been a year in which the legislature and governor have been playing multiple games with Florida’s elections. During that time she has been commuting from Ocala, which tends to indicate that she has been reluctant to commit to the $90K/year job.

All the public really knows is that she resigned, and only found out when local supervisors of elections were notified by e-mail.

People who know her from her years working on elections in South Florida and Ocala are surprised that she would leave this close to an election.

Given the number of people who have resigned from major offices under Rick Scott, I can’t say that any reason would surprise me. The current top soap opera is the court case involving his lieutenant governor. It is hard to beat CEO leadership … if you want cheap entertainment. 😈

July 31, 2012   2 Comments