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2012 July 17 — Why Now?
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Well, It Must Have Worked

The site has been updated and most things seem to work despite a couple of serious mistakes on my part that could have resulted in a lot of extra work that I don’t really need at the moment.

Fortunately I have things backed up, but trying to find them is not always simple. I’ll know better the next time and be better prepared for the recovery, as it took about an hour before I was sure that I still had a site that I could access.

July 17, 2012   Comments Off on Well, It Must Have Worked

Tempting Fate

Since this is a rest day for Le Tour, and a nasty thunderstorm has eliminated any hope of getting the site preparation for Ringo’s outside enclosure, I’m in the middle of a major upgrade of the WordPress software that powers this site.

Currently I’m running version 3.14 and I’m upgrading to 3.41. I have been stalling this upgrade because I had to make changes to my host platform to accommodate the newer versions of WordPress. I don’t change things until I see things stabilize unless there are urgent security reasons for doing it.

If everything fails, I will be over at the Why Now annex – http://whynowannex.wordpress.com/ and will throw up a redirection link at this location.

I would note that another reason for stalling is getting the new machine up and running so I can do this over a wired connection, instead of wireless. I’ve never had a problem with my wireless, but why take a chance?

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