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2012 July 10 — Why Now?
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It is a rest day for Le Tour, and the day for the big monthly food shopping, so I haven’t been on the computer very often.

Ringo is progressing, and may get a modified release from confinement after the vet checks her out tomorrow afternoon. I would really like to get my bathroom back, but I don’t want to end the confinement too soon and risk her re-injuring her jaw. I’m also hoping that I can introduce damp kibble to transition her back to what she normally eats.

I did find a ‘wonder cure’ for a lot of the things that really annoy me about Windows 7. If you chose the ‘Classic’ theme, it changes not just how things look, but the way many of them work to mimic the ‘look and feel’ of XP, with the added bonus of speeding things up. Things may be a bit boring, design-wise, but that transparency that occurs when you open things on top of each other are gone. More than a few times I have accidentally closed the wrong window by clicking on the ‘X’ that belonged to the underlying program, rather than the one I wanted to close. The fading in and out is gone, and the wait time with it. Linux may be still annoying me, but Windows just got a bit more tolerable.

July 10, 2012   4 Comments