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2012 July 29 — Why Now?
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Ignorance Is Bliss?

Well, I guess that the whole ‘not interfering with foreign policy while abroad’ bit is no longer ‘operative’, because Mitt the Twit decided to commit a Romney administration to a war with Iran at the convenience of Likud, and to reverse the decades-long policy of both Republican and Democratic administrations not to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but as a matter for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Apparently this is to make a few big-money donors happy by turning US Mideast policy over to Bibi Netanyahu.

You know Mitt is totally lost when Dan Senor, last seen playing the American version of ‘Baghdad Bob’ for the Coalition Provisional Authority, is his spokesweasel. Romney has no idea what he has done.

July 29, 2012   Comments Off on Ignorance Is Bliss?

Sad News

Kevin Drum reports the the passing of Inkblot.

Kevin is acknowledged as the founder of Friday Cat Blogging back in 2003 when he had his own place, Calpundit. Inkblot was a pioneer of the genre.

I would like to add my condolences to Kevin, his wife, and Domino on the loss of their friend.

July 29, 2012   5 Comments