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Update Hell

In addition to updating the blog to the most current version of WordPress, I’ve been transitioning to the new computer.

In anticipation I have been synchronizing a number of files that are on both the laptop and the new computer. This is supposed to be ‘easy’ because both are Win 7 and have Gigabit Ethernet connections to my router. They are both in the same Home Group domain, so what could go wrong. Well, a lot of little annoying problems that revolve around the definition of “share”.

In the midst of all that ‘fun’ I had FireFox, Adobe, and LibreOffice all deciding to issue updates.

I got passed that, and then I had to check on Win XP Mode, that runs on both machines. Another series of upgrades from M$ and AVG. I use the free version of AVG in XP mode because M$ has a hissyfit if you don’t have antivirus software, even though the only time I access the ‘Net in XP mode is for Windows Updates. I’m not paying for two extra ESET licenses to work on legacy software a few times a year.

Of course, the Win 7 machines are being updated almost every day by M$, which is really annoying.

In non-update news, Internet Defense League is now live, and I am a member. If things work as planned, a banner will appear on this site whenever the media moguls attempt to have their Congresscritters steal the Internet.


1 Steve Bates { 07.21.12 at 12:23 am }

I attempted to insert the IDL banner code, in several different likely looking places in the template code, but Blogger repeatedly complained with a non-explanation and an error code, so I gave it up. Clearly your solution… controlling your own hosting of WordPress… is a good approach, because wordpress.com cannot be trusted not to screw me over, and Blogger technology is not what it might be. But I’m surely not about to move again (sigh)…

2 Bryan { 07.21.12 at 4:53 pm }

No matter how they began, in the end they all become corporatists, so I don’t actually trust any of them. As the success of a company increases, the morality and intelligence of the leadership decreases to the point that the leadership thinks that the Wall Street gamblers are worth listening to and following.

I’m using an ‘unofficial’ plug-in, and am waiting for someone to do an official one. Until it is triggered, you don’t know if it’s working.