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Being ‘Gore’-d

So after a little fact checking Jake Tapper discovers that Hillary Clinton’s hospital story is basically true but she tells it badly. She fails to make it clear that there were multiple hospitals involved, and the hospital that did all the screaming to the New York Times wasn’t the hospital that denied the pregnant woman medical attention because she was poor.

The hospital that did all the kvetching had to violate patient privacy to make the complaint about Mrs. Clinton, but that’s OK because they were bad mouthing Hillary.

Too bad the New York Times has never heard of fact checking.

In case anyone has missed it – I don’t like Clinton or Obama. I like the mainstream media reporting even less. The Soviet media didn’t pretend to be fair and balanced.

April 7, 2008   5 Comments

Waiting For Victory

As we cringe at the thought of the VSP reviewing the the latest performance by Petraeus and Crocker in the Hedgemony’s Washington production of Waiting for Victory perhaps we should review the scenic design of the stage.

Dr. Cole provides information on the current scene and what he thinks it might mean.

Sudarsan Raghavan in the Washington Post covers the background of the plot to this point in his piece, Rift widens between Iraq’s Shiites.

This is expanded on by Reuters in their piece, Iraq’s Sadr to disband Mehdi Army if clerics order

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April 7, 2008   4 Comments