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Our Legislature Is Different

You know some states have “Take your child to work day”, well thanks to the Florida legislature we now have “Take Your Gun To Work Everyday”.

I loved this bit from Dr. Peaden:

Backers say the measure upholds the vision of the authors of the U.S. Constitution, who made the right to bear arms part of the Bill of Rights.

“The second thing they wrote about in that constitution was the right to bear arms,” said Sen. Durell Peaden, a Republican from Crestview, Florida. “It was what was dear in their hearts.”

The man has a JD in addition to his MD, but apparently doesn’t know the difference between the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, or that it isn’t “that constitution”; it’s “the Constitution” that he took oath to support when he entered public office .

He’s in his last term, but he is a true embarrassment to my county, although he doesn’t represent me. Even a guy who got his medical degree from Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara¹, Mexico, should be more attuned to health and safety issues than Durell, [or “Unreal” as some of us call him].

1. Note that the web site for the “School of Medicine” is in English, while the rest of the UAG site is in Spanish, and they have a “Medical Spanish” course. This school was set up for gringos who couldn’t get into a US medical school.


1 Badtux { 04.09.08 at 4:06 pm }

Maybe instead of “going postal”, we can refer to the next wave of workplace shootings in Florida as “going Peaden”. Just sayin’…

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

2 Bryan { 04.09.08 at 4:36 pm }

I “took a gun to work” most every day for twenty years, and I sort of noticed that I haven’t been shot at since I stopped. OK, so I was in the military and law enforcement during that time, but still.

3 Cookie Jill { 04.09.08 at 10:21 pm }

Take your kid to work + Take your gun to work = trouble.

What next? Take your gun into cockpits day? (teasing…)

4 Bryan { 04.09.08 at 11:17 pm }

There was a time, a few decades ago, when many people took rifles to work so they could go deer hunting during the short season in the Fall. You can’t do that any more, because there are just too many crazy people around.

Back then you didn’t need to lock your car every time you stopped anywhere, but these days a gun in the car is almost guaranteed to be lost as your car gets broken into by people who know you have it.

This is stupid and unnecessary. Without this law, the owner could call the police immediately if someone came on the property with a weapon, but that option is lost. You have to wonder who was behind this, because it is a very weird law.

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6 hipparchia { 04.10.08 at 2:30 am }

You have to wonder who was behind this, because it is a very weird law.

Dan Gelber, speaking of Florida’s stand-your-ground law that was passed a few years ago:

“The NRA is a victim of its own successes. No political party in Florida today is going to advance any serious gun-control agenda,” said Gelber, a Democrat. “What’s left is these little things which have no impact on every day life, but inspire and activate the base.”

that strikes me as a plausible explanation.

7 Bryan { 04.10.08 at 10:41 am }

On one side you have businesses who enacted a “no gun” policy based on liability issues from workplace shootings, basically a CYA resulting from lawsuits from actual cases of people “going postal”. Now you have this law.

The thing is, the people who would be calling out for this law are exactly the sort that make cops worry, paranoids who have to have a gun close by.