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MHNT – Episode Three – The Empire Loses Again

Back in June of 2006 we were introduced to the Miami Haitian Ninja Terrorists, that the humorless media referred to as the Liberty City 7. The Justice Department and FBI trumpeted the election year capture of a “dangerous group of” unemployed Haitians who were hiding by hanging out in an abandoned warehouse wearing Ninja costumes. [Why haven’t the Waylan brothers picked up on this?]

In Episode Two, Miami Haitian Ninja Terrorists – The Trial, Brother Levi, who wasn’t really clear on who or where he was, was found innocent of everything [including willfully having a rational thought] and the jury couldn’t decide on the guilt or innocence of the other six. The Justice Department decided to retry the remaining six, and, according to the Miami Herald, were presented with another hung jury and mistrial.

After 12 difficult days of deliberations, a federal jury on Wednesday deadlocked in the second trial of a Miami group accused of plotting with al Qaeda to overthrow the United States — an unprecedented outcome in the government’s legal war on domestic terrorism since the Sept. 11 attacks.

Prosecutors tried to prove the Liberty City group joined forces with al Qaeda in 2006 by taking a loyalty oath to the terrorist group and providing surveillance of target sites such as the FBI building and federal courthouse complex in Miami-Dade County.

Defense lawyers countered that the six men — led by a Messianic-like figure named Narseal Batiste — tried to con up to $50,000 out of an FBI informant who posed as an al Qaeda operative and set them up in a terrorism plot they had no intention of carrying out.

It is past time for the Justice Department to cut its losses and move on to something less embarrassing, like prosecuting toddlers for trying to smuggle more than 3 ounces of orange juice onto aircraft in Winny the Pooh sippy cups. Let these delusional souls go back to haunting their empty warehouse. Maybe Dr. Phil can use them on his show before it’s canceled.